Beggars Mafia

Posted: June 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today 16-June-17 a fine morning of Ramadan Friday, while going towards office I was waiting on Defense More signal to open, a 10 to 12 years old boy named Shani came to me and said, “ALLAH kay naam py day do baba” I gave him 5 rupees and he moved to next person.


I saw him until signal got opened and analyzed he collect around 120 rupees in less than 90 seconds. Considering this as a benchmark I done a working after reaching office which shook me from inside.


50 rupees in one minute means

50 (Rs.) * 20 (Mints)                        = 1,000 Rupees Per Hour
1,000 (Rs.) * 8 (Hours)                   = 8,000 Rupees Per Day
8,000 (Rs.) * 30 (Days)                   = 2,40,000 Rupees Per Month
2,40,000 (Rs.) * 12 (Months)       = 28,80,000 Rupees Per Year

Literally I am in shock after this calculation, but later-on I realize that this is the collection of one signal by one small boy and then the most powerful realization came out that this is not about individuals there is a mafia who is controlling this network.


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