Beggars Mafia

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Today 16-June-17 a fine morning of Ramadan Friday, while going towards office I was waiting on Defense More signal to open, a 10 to 12 years old boy named Shani came to me and said, “ALLAH kay naam py day do baba” I gave him 5 rupees and he moved to next person.


I saw him until signal got opened and analyzed he collect around 120 rupees in less than 90 seconds. Considering this as a benchmark I done a working after reaching office which shook me from inside.


50 rupees in one minute means

50 (Rs.) * 20 (Mints)                        = 1,000 Rupees Per Hour
1,000 (Rs.) * 8 (Hours)                   = 8,000 Rupees Per Day
8,000 (Rs.) * 30 (Days)                   = 2,40,000 Rupees Per Month
2,40,000 (Rs.) * 12 (Months)       = 28,80,000 Rupees Per Year

Literally I am in shock after this calculation, but later-on I realize that this is the collection of one signal by one small boy and then the most powerful realization came out that this is not about individuals there is a mafia who is controlling this network.



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n Pakistan youth is in danger. According to 130 million people of total population or 63% of whole population is under 25 years and this is called youth.According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2007-2008, there were 113 mainstream universities and 1,371 degree colleges in the country in 2007, where 424,271 and 324,988 students were enrolled, respectively. There were also some unregistered universities and degree colleges but their number was negligible. These all students are not now that after completing their education they will able to get the job or not. In other words we can say that unemployment is the main fault of wasting our youth a lot of strength to do some thing big.

Our youth also have so many new ideas to do something new and invent something new and big but unable to do this because of low capital. Boys & Girls attendingg the confrences like:-
The main reason of all this is our corrupt politicians and our corrupt Government. They are just filling their bank accounts. Let me tell you an amazing thing”The children’s of some most popular politicians are not in Pakistan they are studying abroad and all expenses of their studies are paying by the TAXES or other sources”. How they study i want to give some examples:-
A little example of unity of boys & girls in a small university of LAHORE:-
Because of all this youth is always ready to sacrifice of their life’s if anybody say something against Pakistan. As youth have no jobs, no special allowance, no budget, and also have no security but they cannot hear against Pakistan. Because we all love PAKISTAN.

-:Pakistan Zindabad:-